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Title: To explore how the covid-19 pandemic situation effects on school students’ education of rural areas in North Central Province Sri Lanka
Authors: Kularathne, T.U.
Keywords: Covid-19
North Central Province
Online Education System
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Abstract: Covid-19 outbreak and the pandemic situation has been a huge global crisis in every aspect in all over the world. The world has been suffering from this critical situation since December 2019 and still couldn’t find a proper solution for the situation. The countries all over the world has to face this pandemic situation individually with their own economic strength. The developed country could barely survived and in the other hand the developing countries has to fail in almost every aspect. Since the Sri Lanka is a developing country and haven’t had a strong economic situation, Sri Lanka has to face lot of difficulties and troubles with its population. And the education sector is most highlighted sector in the global pandemic in all over the world, as well as in the Sri Lanka too, since it’s related to children and considerable amount of employees are working in education sector. The future of a country fully depend on the school education and the higher education, everyone payed a huge attention to the education of students in the pandemic situation and tried to keep it in the track. But with all other limited facilities and lack of preparation for a lockdown and pandemic situation, Sri Lanka had to face various kind of trouble and the government almost failed in implementing an online education in Sri Lanka so far. When it comes to the rural areas in Sri Lanka, the situation getting worst and this research, it’s has explored how the Covid-19 pandemic situation affected on school education in rural areas in North Central Province Sri Lanka and at the conclusion the researcher found out that establishing online education in rural areas in North central Province hasn’t been a successful project in Sri Lanka.
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