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Title: A Comparative Study between Tissue Biopsy and Liquid Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Cancer
Authors: Balaakshayan, B.
Sathsarani, A. M. A.
Kumarasinghe, N. M.
Rathnayake, R. M.
Perera, M. R. N.
Annan, N.J.
Keywords: Cancer
Liquid biopsy
Tissue biopsy
Issue Date: 26-Mar-2021
Publisher: Faculty of Humanities and Sciences - SLIIT
Citation: Balaakshayan, B., Sathsarani, A. M. A., Kumarasinghe, N. M., Rathnayake, R. M., Perera, M. R. N., Annan, N.J. (2020). A Comparative Study between Tissue Biopsy and Liquid Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Cancer. Proceedings of SLIIT International Conference on Advancements in Sciences & Humanities.
Series/Report no.: SICASH 2020;332 pp.
Abstract: Tissue biopsy is invasive, and it can be accompanied by surgical complications and pain. Concept of liquid biopsy is the analysis of tumors utilizing biomarkers circulating in liquids, for example, the blood. Samples may be insufficient and need repeating- Tissue biopsies may not generally be effortlessly acquired and frequently may include the utilization of progressively obtrusive methodology. In tissue biopsy, a long thin needle is inserted into the area of suspicion. Liquid biopsy is a test done on a blood sample to find DNA fragments from cancer cells or cancer cells in a blood clot. The basic needle biopsy uses a large needle with a cutting tip to draw a strip of tissue from a suspicious area. Liquid biopsies can be used to help detect cancer at an early stage. Most pathologists depend on playing out a tissue biopsy to analyze a malady and they are prepared explicitly to perform different cytological tests on the submitted tissue example. The needle used throughout a core biopsy is Associate in Nursing empty cylinder that allows to untangle a core of tissue for testing. Tissue diagnostic test to assist Associate in Nursing analyze Associate in Nursing upset or to preclude an upset or condition. Advantages and Disadvantages of Liquid biopsy Advantages of Liquid biopsy ct-DNA and CTCs represent the overall tumor heterogeneity and help in the complete assessment of patient's resistance and in predicting response to 1790M- targeted inhibitors.
Description: Poster
URI: http://localhost:80/handle/123456789/567
ISSN: 2783-8862
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