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Title: Classification of failure factors in information systems
Authors: Perera, H. S. C
Gunawardhana, D. N. T
Keywords: Information System
Information system failure
System failure
Information System management
Issue Date: 2015
Series/Report no.: International Journal for Innovation Education and Research;Vol 3 Issue 3 Pages 201-211
Abstract: Failure rate of Information Systems have rapidly increased in different aspects due to different reasons. Although above situation is not a new sight in the field of Information System, it creates many obstacles to regular activities of any organization. The failure of Information System has become a common state for any organization or industry and not depending on their rank or status. Numerous factors may have affected for Information System Failures and these factors are functioning together or individually to create the failure situation of Information Systems. The objective of this paper is to identify the main failure factors in the Information Systems. An in-depth review of the existing literature has been done to meet the objective of this study. Multidisciplinary studies across different countries, industries and areas have taken into account for identifying the main failure factors of Information Systems. This paper is presented to focus the main failure factors that affected for Information System failures based on literature; environment, quality control, human related, technology related and other connected factors. It can be mainly divided into two parts. They are conceptual factors and background factors or hard factors and soft factors. User participation, participant behavior, user satisfaction, attitudes and expectation level, and the management of organization, infrastructure facilities and pattern of usage play a crucial role in the field of Information Systems that have been identified as background factors with significant impact on Information System failures. Quality failure, project failure, system failure, management failure and software failure identified as conceptual failure factors.
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