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Title: Effect of the entrance zone on the trapping efficiency of desilting tanks in run-of-river hydropower plants
Authors: Weerakoon, S. B
Rathnayake, U. S
Keywords: Entrance Zone
Trapping Efficiency
Desilting Tanks
Hydropower Plants
Issue Date: 22-Oct-2007
Publisher: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya
Series/Report no.: International Conference on Small Hydropower-Hydro Sri Lanka;Vol 22 Pages 24
Abstract: Run-of-river mini hydropower plants are generally installed in mountainous streams where the catchments are generally steep and vulnerable to high soil erosion. Seasonal heavy rains, especially in tropics and monsoon regions produce large sediment yield from these catchments and the streams experience high sediment concentrations during seasonal floods. Therefore, removal of sand entering into headrace canal in run-of-river mini hydropower plants is an important issue in the run-f-river mini hydropower schemes to reduce the erosion of turbines and other components in contact with water. The desilting tanks constructed in series with the headrace canal play an important role here. The shape and the size of the desilting tank are major factors on the sand trapping efficiency of it. This paper presents a series of laboratory experiments carried out to investigate the effect of the entrance zone on the sand trapping efficiency of the desilting tanks using a scale model of a desilting tank with varying entrance expansion angles. The sand trapping efficiency is found to vary from 50% to 85% with the reduction of espansion angle from 30o to 10o .
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