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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01Centrality and composition of four-node motifs in metabolic networksPiraveenan, M; Wimalawarne, K; Kasthurirathn, D
2013-01-01Cyclic preferential attachment in complex networksKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M
2022-09-12Disassortative Mixing and Systemic Rational Behaviour: How System Rationality Is Influenced by Topology and Placement in Networked SystemsKasthurirathna, D; Ratnayake, P; Piraveenan, M
2022-03-25Disassortative mixing of boundedly-rational players in socio-ecological systemsRatnayake, P; Kasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M
2015-06-11Emergence of scale-free characteristics in socio-ecological systems with bounded rationalityKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M
2013-08-25Evolution of coordination in scale-free and small world networks under information diffusion constraintsKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M; Harre, M
2015-04-01Evolutionary stable strategies in networked games: the influence of topologyKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M; Uddin, S
2013-08-04The failure tolerance of mechatronic software systems to random and targeted attacksKasthurirathna, D; Dong, A; Piraveenan, M; Tumer, I. Y
2015-08-25Influence modelling using bounded rationality in social networksKasthurirathna, D; Harre, M; Piraveenan, M
2014-01-07Influence of topology in the evolution of coordination in complex networks under information diffusion constraintsKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M; Harré, M
2019-12-06Information Theoretic Approach for Modeling Bounded Rationality in Networked GamesGunawardana, L; Ratnayake, p; Piraveenan, M; Kasthurirathna, D
2016-11Modeling networked systems using the topologically distributed bounded rationality frameworkKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M; Uddin, S
2013-04-16Network robustness and topological characteristics in scale-free networksKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M; Thedchanamoorthy, G
2014-01-01Node assortativity in complex networks: An alternative approachThedchanamoorthy, G; Piraveenan, M; Kasthuriratna, D; Senanayake, U
2013On the influence of topological characteristics on robustness of complex networksKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M; Thedchanamoorthy, G
2014-08-04Optimisation of strategy placements for public good in complex networksKasthurirathna, D; Nguyen, H; Piraveenan, M; Uddin, S; Senanayake, U
2016-12Optimising influence in social networks using bounded rationality modelsKasthurirathna, D; Harre, M; Piraveenan, M
2018-11-18Overlay community detection using community networksBandara, M; Weragoda, S; Piraveenan, M; Kasthurirthna, D
2014-12-09The performance of page rank algorithm under degree preserving perturbationsSenanayake, U; Szot, P; Piraveenan, M; Kasthurirathna, D
2019-08-27Placement matters in making good decisions sooner: the influence of topology in reaching public utility thresholdsKasthurirathna, D; Piraveenan, M; Law, S. Y