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Title: VirtualPT: Virtual Reality based Home Care Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for Elderly
Authors: Heiyanthuduwa, T. A
Amarapala, K. W. N. U
Gunathilaka, K. D. V. B
Ravindu, K. S
Wickramarathne, J
Kasthurirathna, D
Keywords: VirtualPT
Virtual Reality based
Home Care Physiotherapy
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2020
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: T. A. Heiyanthuduwa, K. W. Nikini Umasha Amarapala, K. D. Vinura Budara Gunathilaka, K. S. Ravindu, J. Wickramarathne and D. Kasthurirathna, "VirtualPT: Virtual Reality based Home Care Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for Elderly," 2020 2nd International Conference on Advancements in Computing (ICAC), 2020, pp. 311-316, doi: 10.1109/ICAC51239.2020.9357281.
Series/Report no.: 2020 2nd International Conference on Advancements in Computing (ICAC);Vol 1 Pages 311-316
Abstract: This paper describes the development of Personal computer based Virtual Reality home-care Physiotherapy system aimed for rehabilitating full body function in elders. VirtualPT is a true virtual reality platform where the environment is completely replaced by a virtual reality platform based on the mental condition of the person at the time. While doing the home-based prescribed physiotherapy exercises, the key health metrics are continuously monitored and tracked by combining the immersive Virtual Reality with the wearable VirtualPT Sensor kit. Virtual Reality combined with 3D motion capture lets real time movements to be accurately translated onto the virtual reality avatar that can be viewed in a virtual environment to assist physiotherapist to add exercises to the system easily. This ultimate virtual reality Physiotherapy assistant avatar is used to provide guidance to elders at home, to demonstrate and assist elders in adhering to the prescribed exercises. As a significant aspect of social interactions, mirroring of movements has been added to focus on whether the elder is able to accurately follow the movements of avatar. Furthermore, the insightful dashboard offers the elders and physiotherapists an interactive platform through virtual reality capabilities. VirtualPT physiotherapy system is cost effective and makes recovery and more convenient to elders at home while the participatory and immersive nature of Virtual Reality offers a unique realistic quality that is not generally existing in clinical-based physiotherapy. When looking at the broader concept of VirtualPT; continuity of care, integration of services, quality of life and access are equally important criteria which add more value.
ISBN: 978-1-7281-8412-8
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