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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Assessment of pollution sources, fate of pollutants, and potential instream interventions to mitigate pollution of earthen canals of urban to rural-urban fringeGomes, P. I. A; Fernando, B. A. V. W; Dehini, G. K
2012-11-17Comparison of Cell-In-Series and Meso-Scale Physical Habitat Sampling for the Interpretation of Spatiotemporal Variation of Stream Water QualityGomes, P. I. A; WAI, O. W. H
2020-02Concrete lined urban streams and macroinvertebrates: a Hong Kong case studyGomes, P. I. A; Wai, O. W. H
2020-05-03Condominium price dynamics in Sri Lanka: correlation with inflation and periods of concernGomes, P. I. A; Yathushan, V
2022-11-25The deflectors influence on flow complexity, bed morphology, sediment transport and water quality of urban lotic waters - A laboratory studySooriyaarachchi, D. T. A; Gomes, P. I. A
2017-01-27Deflectors to introduce heterogeneity to canalsRandima, W. A. H; Wijethilaka, M. A. D. K; Kumara, G. H. V. S; Gomes, P. I. A
2022-09Deriving optimal hydraulic, water quality and habitat quality criteria against a predefined reference state of urban canals via an analytical method: Implications on ecological rehabilitationGomes, P. I. A; Dehini, G. K
2021Do sediments of ephemeral and perennial streams show different impacts on water quality when subjected to the same drying conditions?Gomes, P. I. A; Perera, M. D. D
2019-06Ecohydrologic structure and function of stream networks with earthen upstream and concrete-lined downstreamGomes, P. I. A; Wai, O. W. H
2020-06-15Ecological fragmentation two years after a major landslide: Correlations between vegetation indices and geo-environmental factorsGomes, P. I. A; Aththanayake, U; Deng, W; Li, A; Zhao, W; Jayathilaka, T
2017-01Eco‐hydraulic evaluation of herbaceous ecosystems below headwater dams without a base flow: Observing below dam reaches as new stream sourcesGomes, P. I. A; Wai, O. W. H; Yan, X. F
2018-07-03A geo-spatial database about the eco-environment and its key issues in South AsiaLi, A; Deng, W; Zhao, W; Liu, B; Zhang, J; Kong, B; Nan, X; Bian, J; Koirala, H. L; Gilani, H; Sati, V. P; Gomes, P. I. A; Khanal, N. R
2010-12-01Impact of calcium and magnesium on growth and morphological acclimations of Nitella: implications for calcification and nutrient dynamicsGomes, P. I. A; Asaeda, T
2021-03Impact of increased instream heterogeneity by deflectors on the removal of hydrogen sulfide of regulated urban waterways—A laboratory studyGomes, P. I. A; Samararatne, S.; Wai, O. W. H; Perera, M. D. D
2022-02Integrating vegetation indices and geo-environmental factors in GIS-based landslide-susceptibility mapping: using logistic regressionAbeysiriwardana, H. D; Gomes, P. I. A
2020-07Investigation of Long-Term River Water Quality Trends in Hong Kong to Identify Role of Urbanization, Seasons and Pollution SourcesGomes, P. I. A; Wai, O. W. H
2023-03Investigation of long-term river water quality variations using different urbanization indices and assessment of common scientific perspectives of urbanization on water qualityKarunatilaka, P. D.; Gomes, P. I. A
2015-08In‐stream physical heterogeneity, rainfall aided flushing, and discharge on stream water qualityGomes, P. I. A; Wai, O. W. H
2007Iron and manganese removal from textile effluents in anaerobic attached-growth bioreactor filled with coirfibresJayaweera, M. W; Gomes, P. I. A; Wijeyekoon, S. L
2009-07-30Phycoremediation of Chromium (VI) by Nitella and impact of calcium encrustationGomes, P. I. A; Asaeda, T